PukkaBoard HoverKart Assembly for hoverboard

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http://PukkaBoard.com Walk though guide on how to setup the HoverKart from PukkaBoard. The safest way to turn your hoverboard into a gokart. It features the …


7 Responses

  1. EarthsLove

    Thank you for this video I'm putting my kart together.

  2. earthminus10

    Thanks. I'm putting my kids kart together and needed encouragement. I did it

  3. Roblox TIME

    Thx its Manuel is f****king Shi**y Manuel

  4. Kou Xiong

    Thanks for doing this vedio, it helps a lot since it come with a suck ass manual.

  5. Adhil Kabir

    U should have more subs

  6. TheSuncatcher1

    This video was extremely helpful to me…thank you so much!

  7. PukkaBoard

    Welcome to PukkaBoard! Your hoverboard segway retailer. Check out all our videos to see the high quality processes our suppliers go through to create the perfect hoverboard, also see some other PukkaBoard users doing tricks, cruising and drifting on their HoverKart.