HoverKart Teaser Video

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Just havin’ some fun with HoverKart at the park! We are happy to announce that HoverKart has been licensed to Yvolve Sports Limited. They are responsible for …


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  1. Sherlyn Hernandez García
    | Reply

    Un consejo si fuera la creadora en el carro pondría algo para recargarse porque te puede doler la espelada

  2. La Plb Tigui
    | Reply

    pouvez vous m'envoyer votre hoverkart

  3. Jasper the King
    | Reply

    Markiplier anyone?

  4. Mgwery Ahmed
    | Reply

    ممكن. اعرف. اين. تباع. وكم. سعرها. علشان. انا راجل. كبيبر. ومحتاجها

  5. FawnnyGaming
    | Reply

    Let me have one

    | Reply

    I was wondering if you already preordered one do you only get it if you succeed in reaching your goal or not?

  7. DD_Vlogs
    | Reply

    how much is it please tell me please

  8. Sawpa Day
    | Reply

    How to order one of those

    | Reply

    If we preorder one when would we be able to get it?

  10. john cantrell
    | Reply

    Is there a way you could ship one to me and I pay you and if so how much

  11. john cantrell
    | Reply

    How can I get one of these I really really want one

  12. Lewis Dirrane
    | Reply

    Can I buy one in UK

  13. Serkes
    | Reply

    roman atwood anyone?

  14. peter kirby
    | Reply

    how much i want to buy now i got $400 in my savings please tell me

  15. JTSKI
    | Reply

    Lol this thing all fun in games till you go to fast and the thing in balances and you flip over and smash your head

  16. Quahog Tv
    | Reply

    now my ass will catch on fire

  17. Nick Kautz
    | Reply

    The design and build quality look superior. Almost as if a Stanford engineer did the work 😉

  18. Cliff Bargar
    | Reply


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